Give me a problem, I will give you a solution.

Why Design Ninja?

Design Ninja, that is me, Jenni Saarenpää. I am a creative problem solver who turns complex matters into simple ones. I have over 14 years of experience from customer-centred design, service design, UX design and design leadership.

I have worked with both big corporations and small companies, in international and domestic projects. My wide experience from service design can be seen as efficiency while I work. I will find the essence of each project quickly and I am able to see the big picture easily. For bigger projects I will gather a virtual team from my contacts.

I can help your company to identify customers’ needs and expectations. I create concrete solutions to meet customers’ needs which also create business value.

Contact and tell me about the challenges you have!


Jenni Saarenpää
Service designer/UX designer/CEO and Founder of Design Ninja Creative Ltd

Work history

Over 14 years in the business
Established Design Ninja Creative at 2013
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Master of Science: Information processing science
Bachelor of Culture and Arts: Visual communication


Cooper: Design Leadership
Cooper: Service Design Immersive
Cooper: Interactionn Design Practicum

I am at my best when

Doing vision work and planning the concrete actions
Concepting from scratch
Finding out the customer journey
Ideating and quick prototyping